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These guys are just not technical! Of course I can take my laptop to the throne room! We buy toilet paper so the hard copy isn't really needed. Maybe back in the day..................................... is the BEST source for ammunition loading bar none. It has all of the data from these great magazines and I don't have to remember which issue it is in. Simply do a load search, up pops about a gazillion loads and I am good to go.

There is another option for you though. Reloader's Reference. It is downloadable and is free: Here: Reloaders' Reference | Download Reloaders' Reference software for free at

It is an awesome tool to. You can store your loads in it as well as print targets, firearms manuals, just a bunch of stuff. Download it and check it out. Oh, it has data from all the major players in the manual game too.

Technology can be your friend!
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