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I too was botten by the 58 bug. Both of mine came from south Fl but were never lettered. Both are blue and one acually wears the original grips.
I must disagree ref the weapons potential as a duty weapon. For my last four years I carried a S&W 625 .45 acp as we were not authorized to carry Glocks at that time or that would have been my choice of carry. The N frame isn't too heavy for officers as a rule or difficult to shoot if properly trained. That may be the issue. Training is money and cities and counties dont have it. The other issue with the .41 mag was the ammunition. When it came out you did not have the array of usefull choices you have today.
Times have changed and if I were not retired I doubt I would carry a revolver as a primary duty sidearm for acouple of reasons. Multiple actors, the proliferation of semiautomatic weapons in the hands of said actors, speed of the reload, and of course magazine capacity. Yes, it does matter. I will work on pictures fellas and gals.
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