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Originally Posted by OCD1 View Post
The CCI mag primers are for igniting harder to ignite ball magnum powders. If you are going to use them for non Magnum loads I would reduce your powder charge. Do not load any max loads and you should be OK The have more of a flame and will increase pressure so you need to compensate for that.
It also matters what cartridge you are using them in???
I would guess in a 45 ACP it makes more of a difference than in say a 45 Colt.
I would be using them in .44 magnum loads primarily with unique and 240gr hard cast SWC. I do have H110 and Lil'gun available along with jacketed bullets so the magnum primers will not go unused but I may try a few moderate say 8.5gr unique loads and see what occurs. Even if it does raise pressures a bit I am way down from max now. It is possible that the magnum primers may help to seal the bore and reduce leading. (Well I can hope).
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