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As I see it they are only useful for one thing, to give the Police something to charge an abuser with when he is "stalking" his victim. This is only helpful in the cases where no actual violence is done to the victim and she is just being harassed, at least the offender can be charged with something in that case.
I agree with computeruser in that a lot of Women feel so beaten down that they somehow think they deserve what they are getting. I am a licensed Private Investigator and also provide security protection services. I have talked to dozens of Women over the years who were being victimized by their partners. The interesting thing is the patterns of abuse are remarkably similar. It's like the names change but the stories are all the same. These Women are almost always terrified, and I have on occasion moved in with them to provide armed bodyguard services (a situation Missus P&R Fan just LOVES). It almost breaks my heart to see them suffer so because some piece of scum has victimized them, and they are always relieved to have protection. Unfortunately not everyone can avail themselves of these services, and many don't have access to firearms, and even if they did they have no training in their use. I also suspect many could not pull the trigger on their abusers anyway, because they see themselves as a big part of the problem. I know to those of us reading this that sounds absurd, but you need to understand, that is what the abuser has made them believe, and they do it so well.
The protective order will not protect anyone. In a few cases it might help, but those are not the most dangerous ones. As someone who was raised to always be a gentleman and treat Women with respect this enrages me. I think I am in good company on that.
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