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Default BK Grip Adapters

The following post from 6/4/11 is copied from the Tyler T Grip thread:

I posted a while ago that I was thinking of making these things out of resin. The learning curve has been steeper than I expected, but I have produced a few that I would appreciate feedback on before I proceed further. What I have are J frame size in satin black - I have been unable to maintain glossy black with the mold and material I have to date, although I did produce some glossy ones in black and a few other colors early on.

I would hope to sell a final product for $20 plus shipping, but at this point I will sell the few samples I've produced for $15 delivered in order to get some feedback. If you are interested, and do NOT live in Missouri (I'm not ready to deal with the sales tax people until I'm sure I'm in business) please send me an email at . I will send PayPal payment instructions. If there is more interest than I have product I'll pick the "lucky" folks who get the payment instructions, so if you'd like to say just why you really need a lightweight grip adapter right now please embellish your email. Please don't ask for one of these if you won't give me some feedback after you get it and try it.

I've attached some images of what I've done so far. It's hard to tell, but one of 'em is a medium gray, which just sort of "happened" with one of the black castings. I do have black and white dyes and can try to make gray if there's an interest, as well as a number of other colors. (Green, or blue, anybody? How about international orange?)

Thanks for any interest.
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