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The following post from 6/5/11 is copied from the Tyler T Grip thread:

At the request of several I'm attaching close (well, closer) up shots of the 4 colors I've actually made so far.

Note the notch in the edge of the gray model - this is one of the casting difficulties I had to solve with a second mold.

In addition to gold and red (the gray was an "accident" when casting black, but I think it's good looking and hope I can reproduce it with black and white) I have relatively opaque colorants for orange, blue, green, brown, yellow and white. There are also a wide range of translucent colors, of which I have tried the pink, but I don't think translucence is particularly attractive in this application and don't expect to make any more that way.

BTW, if these discussions should be put in a separate thread, or moved to another forum, please let me know. I'm pretty new to this list and certainly don't know all the protocols.
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