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Default Status report as of 6/7/11

Today I had a long talk with my mold maker about a new J frame mold to replace the one that wore out. New cans of material arrived, but not the mold release - presumably that will arrive tomorrow, as they charged my credit card yesterday. (Unlike some company we're all aware of, these guys WILL deliver what they charge you for. Promptly.)

I spent some time pouring "pucks" (tinted and mixed the resin, but let it harden in the mixing cup) using each of the tints I have available. That's black, white, red, blue, green, brown, yellow, and gold. (I don't plan to do much with the translucent pink that I have.)

I also experimented making a dark green (looks good), dark brown (also looks good), dark blue (almost indistinguishable from black - and I only added 1 drop of black to the mix, so not sure how to lighten that one up) and three shades of gray, all of which look nice. The darkest shade is pretty close to the gray one in the photos, which was an accident that showed up from a pure black pour - I have no idea how it happened, but at least I can now reproduce it if desired.

Nobody I've talked to has a good idea for how to make a variegated pour like the gold adapter in the photos exhibits. That was another accident which I have been unable to figure out how to reproduce. I did a few experiments, but none were successful. Work will continue, though, as I still believe a dark brown tortoise shell would be both classy and unique.

I would post photos of the color pucks, but my friend who is consulting with me on this project borrowed my strobes. Hopefully I'll get the lights back in a day or two.
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