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Originally Posted by Walter Rego View Post
I think if you can get a very, very dark blue to come close the the current factory blue/black metal finish, and also a satin silver/gray color to match stainless you'll have a couple of popular colors. If you can perfect a marbled look, something to look like walnut would probably sell too. Good luck with the project.
Blue-black I can do (have done), I just have to work out the blending a bit more so it looks a little more blue than I've made so far.

One thing I have to avoid is ending up with 57 varieties for people to choose from (which it looks like Tyler has with his trigger shoes - wonder how deliveries on THOSE are going?) and find I can't keep up with the variations. If I fall behind because too many people are ordering the basic black model, there are easily implemented, if expensive, industrial solutions for that (I met with an injection molder yesterday, just to start the conversation, in case I need to go there.) But the only reason I'm as far along with this project as I am is because somebody else, for whatever reasons, couldn't keep up with demand across 9 products x 6 finishes.

Bottom line: I would like to be able to offer each customer exactly what they want (I have the impression that's considered to be a good business practice ) but to begin with I have to follow KISS. I will (I hope I have time to) continue to experiment with color options, but to begin with, it's probably going to be whatever color you want as long as it's black. (Or maybe blue black. Or maybe . . . )

But do keep those cards and letters coming.
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