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Default HELP W/MIM Trigger and Hand Spring

Took apart my 442 to clean it, full of grease and powder residue.

This is a MIM gun DATXXXX. Long story short, dropped the trigger with the hand attached, on a concrete floor.

The hand seperated from the trigger, hand spring no where in sight. Too old to spend the rest of my life searching for it.

Is the part in Brownells catalog #940-000-569AD, Smith#227510000, MIM Trigger Hand Spring, the correct spring?

If so I will order a couple. If not what is the correct part #?

ANY TIPS on how to install this spring on the hand and inside the trigger.

Appears to be quite different from older S&W design, which I have some experience with. Any special tools needed?

Thanks for your much needed help!!!!!!!!!!

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