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Hey Charlie. I just saw your post (was cleaning my 4586 last night) and have a possible answer. If you replace the factory 20# hammer spring with a Wolff reduced power hammer spring it will lighten up the pull. The 3 pack comes with three springs (16, 17, 18#) and if I recall correctly (I'll have to check) I replaced the factory spring with the lightest one of the three, the 16#. It lightens it up quite a bit with no other effects on the trigger. Of course, when you lighten a hammer spring you will want to be aware of the possibility of light primer strikes on some ammo's primers and check for this with any ammo that might be used. To date I have not experienced any light primer strikes. Even if you go with the two less reduced springs you will see an improvement.

I really like the DAO trigger on the 4586 and the Wolff reduced power spring only makes a very nice trigger that much better. As you know it's a nice smooth short stroke with a short reset.

Correction: My Wolff reduced power spring is a 17#. Now I'm tempted to try a 16#.

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