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Default BK Grip Adapters - Square Butt K Frame prototypers wanted

I have begun making grip adapters for square butt K frame models. My mold maker is getting better (or maybe he just got lucky with this one) as they seem to have fewer cosmetic flaws than the J frame models Iíve made in the past.

As Iíve noted before on this forum, my K frame adapter fits just fine on my N frame 1917. Note the images attached - itís the same adapter on both guns. If this proves to be true for other N frame models as well then I can offer this product for both guns.

In order to verify (or not) my experience, I want the first ones to go to users who have BOTH N frame and square butt K frame guns. I will let the first ones go for $15 instead of the regular $20 (plus $5 shipping, and plus sales tax if youíre in MO) IF you will agree to test Ďem on both guns and let us know how they fit - preferably with pictures.

I would like this initial process to get going as quickly as possible, so Iíd like payment by PayPal. For regular sales Iíll take payments by check or money order too, as with the J frame adapters, but for starters I want to get these out into user hands.

SO - If you
1. Have both an N frame and a square butt K frame gun,

2. Are willing to check the adapter on both and report back to this forum, and

3. Are willing to pay by PayPal

then drop me an email at and Iíll reply to the first half dozen or so with payment instructions.

Once I know how I can ďadvertiseĒ these Iíll do a regular ad in the classified section for ongoing sales.

Thanks for your help with this process.
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