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Originally Posted by crsides View Post
Mine came in today. It fit the K and N equally well, I see no reason to produce two versions. I tried it on a K22 and a mod 58.

The tail end of my adapter was not centered on the grip frame. Looking at the copper tabs, one is just a hair higher than the other, and I think this lets it twist just a bit when the grip screw was tightened down. I am going out of town, but when I have time, I will work the tabs down so that they are uniform top to bottom, and think this will take care of it.

Thanks for taking this own. HOPE YOU GET RICH doing it.

Thanks for this, Charlie. As to the tail being slightly off-center, it is NOT the different lengths of the two legs of the copper clip that causes it. I think it's a function of my original having a slightly off-square clip itself. The way the original clips are staked on made it pretty much impossible to adjust, so that's just the way the mold comes out.
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