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Default Lite loads in ALL Rifles

I still can't make a post With pictures but I'll try to add something to this question. Reducing loads is said to be very dangerous. I tried something new three years ago and it's better than ANY OPTION EVER BEFORE. Let me start by saying that when guys load less than ten grains there's a problem With Where the powder rests ...? Front of the case, the rear....adding toilet paper or cream of wheat helps but none of us need to do this anymore.
Use TRAIL BOSS & any bullet (cast or jacketed).
Look up the recipe yourself but it goes something like this. Seat the bullet to it's desired depth. Mark a line on the OUTSIDE of the case where the base of the bullet comes to rest within the case.
Remove the bullet. Fill the case to that line with Trail Boss. You're doing "Volume" not weight. Take this amount of powder and reduce it by 8-10%saying in volume. Remember, I'm going on memory so look it up yourself. Once reduced you're ready to load. It actually wouldn't matter if you filled the case then seated a bullet. Trail Boss is totally new and I have used it to FIRE FORM 223 to 223AI with great success. I am constantly surprised at the great loads this new powder can produce. It's not for Bear Hunting but it wasn't designed to be. The best way to start is try it in different rifles. 300 Win Mag, 30-30's, ...everything. It will be your new go to powder.
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