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ko41, Nice starter collection! If you can find one somewhere, don't pass up the chance to buy a copy of Pete Robert's paper back book " Some of the Buckles of Smith & Wesson" It was printed about 10 yrs ago and covers all the buckle info. up to then. Ebay is probably the best place to see buckles for sale. Prices are all over the board, as most sellers haven't a clue as to what the fair value is for a buckle. Really rare ones seldom show up there, however when they do the high bids can be in 3 figures quickly. What serious collectors are bidding is a good clue as to value on these. Be aware many of the buckles are Chinese ripoffs, never authorized by S&W. Appearance of the S&W logo on a buckle is no guarantee of authorization. Ebay sellers also confuse the Bergamot Foundry logo with S&W's logo and post a Colt buckle on Ebay as a S&W buckle! Bergamot is a licensed S&W buckle producer, but be sure the back of a Bergamot buckle says it's a S&W licensed product, if you want to add it to your collection as a genuine S&W licensed buckle. There are also numerous combinations of knife/buckle sets by S&W ,that can add another element to your collections and some of them are quite difficult to find. Good Luck, Ed.

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