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Originally Posted by pilgrim6a View Post
I wish I still had this one or at least gotten pics. It was a .38 S&W top break DA. The markings were this.
SMILL & WELSON. SPRANGFELD MUS. Followed by the normal patent dates. The dates were all one digit off from a real S&W.
There is genre of S&W copy that was meant to deceive a person illiterate in English (or even the English alphabet) into thinking it was a genuine Smith & Wesson product. These were typically of Asian origin. A revolver of this nature is pictured in the thread:

The Spanish guns I'm referring to were generally marked properly with their makers' names, openly and legally trafficked, and while outwardly resembling S&W products (mostly the M&P, but also top break models and even the triple lock), generally did not infringe on S&W patents. It might be more accurate to term them as being Smith & Wesson "inspired" than as copies.
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