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Originally Posted by Goony View Post
There is genre of S&W copy that was meant to deceive a person illiterate in English (or even the English alphabet) into thinking it was a genuine Smith & Wesson product. These were typically of Asian origin.
There's a similar genre of semi-auto pistols that were made in China before 1949. Some of them are copies of Browning M1900s, other guns, or frequently, a mishmash of design features. They were mostly handmade, and in job lot quantities for various Chinese warlord operations. A particular "army's" purchasing agent would give general guidelines for caliber, size, weight, magazine capacity and operating controls. Then some little shop would run off a batch of guns, roughly meeting the specification.

There are a BUNCH of them in the Zhuk book. There was a guy who once came to the Ohio Gun Collector's Association Show at the IX Center in Cleveland. He was a collector of these guns, and had a flier that used some of the drawings from the Zhuk book. He said that since nobody wanted them, they were dirt cheap, but since there were so MANY variations they were great fun to collect.

Pretty much the same comments apply to European copies of British "bulldog", "kobold" and similar pocket revolvers.
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