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Well, here is mine -

Nickle is flakey, but underlieing Steel is smooth and nice.


Appears low miliage, but cosmetically challenged possibly from damp.

The single Word "SPAIN" is stamped very neatly on the front Grip Strap.

Monogramme of "OH" appears on the Stocks and on the right side of the Frame toward the rear area.

Sorry my images are not better, have not yet made a Light Box for this sort of thng.

I plan to load my own .44 WCF Cartridges for it and, take it out to the Range sometime soon.

Appears to be good quality in fit and what's left of original finish...Bore and Chambers show old still present rust ( I have just got it and not cleaned it yet, I sure hope it is not too badly pitted! We shall see )...

Were the large frame S&W-inspired Top Breaks of the "OH" Make well regarded?

Who would have used these, when chambered in the .44-40/.44 WCF? And when having their Text stampings in English?

Were these intended for the US Market of the time? Or..?

Kinda matches my old Zippo! Lol...

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