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Originally Posted by PattonTime View Post
But then , I will not fire 38 special in a 357 Magnum either. I have this odd idea that you should use the cartridge the gun was designed for!
I do not believe in experimenting much with explosive cartridges in my beautiful Smith & Wessons !!!
I know 38's work fine, but why ?
Really??? A .357 Magnum is designed to also shoot the .38 Special. And as for why? To shoot a less powerful round for practice and plinking along with helping new shooters to learn how to shoot a centerfire revolver without all the noise, blast and recoil. And BTW, ammo doesn't explode, the powder burns very quickly.

As for the .32, I think if the .32 Long will chamber in the revolver it is designed for it. I think it wouldn't chamber correctly in a .32 Short only revolver.
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