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Originally Posted by marinevet View Post
S&W records say that 12 model 28-2 were produced in a satin nickel finish in 1972......only 12.....I have heard stories that there may be a "few" more that were salesman's samples......but there are always stories about that one special gun.....there is a nickel 28-2 for sale from one of our forum members....I believe it is listed at $4000.00+

I think i would pass on this one.

The salesmens sample story is a myth.
The 28-2s fron 1972 were all brushed nickel and there wasn't 12 of them, there were 54 of them.
Only 11 have ever been found and indentified as true nickel 28-2s.
The one in the picture is a re-nickel finish because the only other nickel 28s were in bright nickel for the Florida HP and they were all 5" guns.
We go over this every time a nickel 28 is found and every one has proven to be a fake so far.
Hope this helps to clarify.

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