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I have a 640 no dash BFVxxx I got it used in 1994 from a friend.
I don't remember the retail price at the time but paid him $225 with a holster and box of .38 RNL.
I like the Bianchi 9R shoulder holster which is no longer made and would not sell either or trade it for anything.
A note on the plus P ammo option. Back in the 70's when +P was not available to the public very easily the one I recall is SUPERVEL. The pressure in these at that time was more than today's +p and possibly even +p+. It was reported that practice with these [old] loads caused accelerated wear. So the guru's of the day recommended practice with standard loads and +P for carry.
I think most of us are not burning up the high priced +P in any amounts which would "blow up" our 640's.
After looking at all the GREAT PHOTOS here I don't feel so obsessive about my thinking about another one. Night sights or a pinned front sight would be nice.
Thanks for the wonderful post to all who are here.
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