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Originally Posted by DHOLLA View Post
I do believe that is the infamous Bloodwork 629. Pretty popular around here and as you know rare. I say shoot the mess out of it, no box and papers makes the overall package less collectable.
The actual Bloodwork is a fluted .357 Model 627 8 Shot (S&W originally marketed this weapon as the, "Ultimate Defensive Revolver") based on what Clint carried in the movie of the same name which he even refers to as an 8 Shot when showing it to someone in the movie - you'd expect him to be carrying the .44 magnum though right?

Over time the Bloodwork moniker has been used in reference to all three (.44, .41, .357) of the S&W PC revolvers with the 2 5/8" barrel and virtually identical appearance, and all have a reputation for being very accurate.

Enjoy that 629. I have the .357, love to run across the .44 - great find!

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