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Default Lyman 358429 Keith style SWCBullet

This bullet is a favorite of mine in the 357 mag. My mould casts 178gr. version using wheel weights with a touch of soft lead for flow.
Since I am fortunate to own a variety of pistols I was able to find some interesting if not tedious info. 1st. a caution: the load I reference to is safe IN MY GUNS but I do not offer it as a recomendation.
In WW cases with CCI SPP, I load 12.2 gr. 2400. The COAL is 1.655" with a roll crimp into the crimp groove on the bullet.

Now the interesting part. This load will not work in my M28-2, just too long for the cylinder. For the 28's I reduce COAL to 1.562 and roll crimp over the bullet shoulder.
Out of curiosity I tried the longer load in a variety of pistols and here's what I found:

M-19-3 with reccesed cylinder works fine and shoots well. The M-19 cylinder is 1.675" long.

M-13-3 without recessed cylinder works fine and shoots well.
The M-13-3 cyliner is 1.624" long.

M586 without recessed cylinder works fine.
M586 cylinder is 1.629" long.

Colt old model trooper will not work, too long.
The trooper cylinder is 1.563" long without recesses.

A Ruger OM BH works fine and has an unrecessed cylinder of
1.601" long.

I thought it interesting that the N frame gun which is way overbuilt has a shorter cylinder than the alledged "weaker" K frame. The same though applies to the M13, which seemed most accurate of all with this load.
Lastly, the M28 load with the bullet set very deep into the case, was VERY accurate out to 50 yards.

Just some load ramblings here, thanks for your time and comments.
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