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Originally Posted by mojo-jojo View Post
Hello all, I just found this forum, and have done some quick research. I believe my question belongs here. I was given my Grandfathers .38, years ago and not being a gun person it's been in a drawer until this morning. the serial # on the butt and cylinder match and is V 742150. On the right side of the barrel is 38 S&W CTG. On the same side of the barrel near the cylinder there appears to be another stamp that I can't quite make out, what I can says NP 3.5 38 "767". Above the NP appears to be some sort of hallmark maybe an eagle with out stretched wings. If anyone has any info I'd greatly appreciate it.
Welcome to the forum. Your gun sounds like a Victory model that was shipped to the Allies during WW2. Our Allies, England, Canada, etc. all used guns in 38 SW caliber rather than 38 Special. The markings on the side of the barrel are most likely British proof marks that were applied when the gun was sold as surplus post-war. Is this a 5" barreled gun? Measure from the end of the barrel to the front of the cylinder. Many of these guns were converted to 38 Special and reimported to the US, if it is converted there may be problems shooting 38 Special ammo as the dimensions of the two calibers are different. Pictures of the gun and markings would be a considerable help with positive identification. You might want to start a new thread in this section of the forum describing your gun to elicit more responses and information. I hope this helps a bit.
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