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Wow, I'm thankful to live in MA after reading this thread!

The problem with MA is the different towns have different attitudes towards gun ownership. I've never lived in a large town or city and all my Police Chiefs have been gun friendly. I've had my unrestricted License to Carry since I was 18. you have to be 21 now that they changed the laws.

As long as my "assault" weapons and full-capacity magazines were made on or before 9/13/94, I can own them. I can own any handgun made on or before 10/21/98. I can own any handgun made after that, too, that's not considered an "assault weapon", but you have to take advantage of some loopholes in the law in order to get something that's not considered MA "compliant".

Do you want a machinegun? Sure, we can have them in MA. Overall, MA is NFA friendly (other than supressors).

I can honestly say that there's nothing out there that I want that I don't own here in MA. It still sucks here, but living in W. MA isn't as bad as some make it sound. 5 gun clubs in my immediate area, I have my Class A LTC and have boxes of pre-ban magazines for every gun I own.

I'm sorry to hear about all the hoops you have to jump through in Australia, but at least you do have a respectable collection that you enjoy. Keep up the fight.
Will work for ammo.
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