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Originally Posted by SMK View Post

What happens with a person's gun(s) when they can no longer participate in 6 matches a year due to age, medical condition, work obligations, etc?

I also wondered what the market was like for guns there? Expensive because of limited availability or not so much due to fewer buyers willing to do what it takes to buy a gun?

Scott in Ohio
Hey Scott,

If you can't meet your shoot obligations you have to hand in your license and sell your guns. The only way to keep them is to qualify for a collectors license and then prove that the guns are "collectable". ...if you had a safe full of beautiful S&W classics that wouldnt be much of a problem but if you have a crappy Glock 17 and a couple of Taurus revolvers I am pretty certain the police would just laugh at your application for a (so would I)

Modern guns are not hard to find here but good examples of pre 1970s guns are near impossible to find here. I have seen a total of less than a dozen guns come up for sale with diamond grips, S or K serials, or any more than 3 screws in the lasrt 3 years that I have been seriously collecting. I have also seen a total of 6 nickel guns (3 of which I bought).

There are a lot of mod 10s (old police issue 3" SB) for a couple of hundred but you can only have them on a collectors or security license due to the barrel length. I have seen a few 29s (about a dozen of which I bought 3), 3 model 27's, about a dozen 28's, about 3 Model 17s, a couple of model 57's and about a hundred, well used 14s & 19s that have usually been butchered with slab barrels and no trigger spur

I could buy any number of 686/586...but I dont see them as collectable.

I have seen 1 model 15 and 1 model 18 for sale & 2 Triple Locks.

I also buy pretty much any pre 70's Python that comes up (seen about 8 purchased 2)...the 2 I have were 2 of only 3 pre 70s I have seen come up.

I am sure there are more guns around for sale but not heaps of other models. I have NEVER seen a 58, 24, RM, Heavy Duty or 16 come up for sale...

Australia has a population of only 20 million...Long Island has 8 million alone so we dont have a lot of guns here to choose In 1965 there were only 11 milion people here.

I guess its all relative

N frame fanatic
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