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I have an S&W 2nd Mdl HE which was originally chambered for the .455 ELEY, and, which had been modified to chamber .45 Colt AND .45 ACP.

Well, golly, what is a boy or girl to do with that?

What I did, for it and for an other New Service I have, both of which have Cylinder Bores and Barrel Bores which really need something of about .454 in diameter for the Bullet...

What I did, was to modify some .45 Colt Cases, at their annular incised 'groove' at the Rim, by slightly widening and deepening the groove, for them to fit nicely into the usual Full Moon Clips, and, I loaded those Cartridges then with some nice, soft pure Lead Bullets of .454 diameter.

Well, this worked just dandy, and, looks really cool also.

As much as one may enjoy the look and convenience of the Full Moon Clip full of .45 ACP, having them in .45 Colt is just all the more fun.

Easy to do, and works like-a-charm, and, satisfied the Head Space issue of .45 Colt when just by itself, and, obliges the need for a .454-ish Bullet...and, eliminates Bullet Jump associated with the use of the .45 ACP Cartridge in Moon Clips in those Revolvers also able to chamber the .45 Colt.

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