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I took the Kentucky concealed carry course on Saturday. It was given by the sheriff's department here and there were 40 people in the class.

I had a 642 with a full size Hogue grip and everyone else had sliders and cannons.

The first thing the Instructor did was ask why everyone was bringing sliders and large guns to a concealed carry class.

He walked over to me and picked my 642 up and took it to the front of the class and told them that the 642 was what they all should be carrying and they all needed to try to trade in what they had for a 642.

He then put his foot on a table and pulled a 642 out of his ankle holster. He told them if they wanted it in black to get a 442. He said that was what the sheriff department here uses for a bug.

When we went to the range for our firing test my 642 did a great job at 25 feet.

I will be receiving a concealed carry permit from the state of Kentucky.

There were 12 women in the class and they looked like they were from the ages of 20s to 60s.
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