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Originally Posted by Jack Flash View Post
Good Luck. I would still advise against it.

At least ponder the following quotation first. My life has been a testament to its veracity.

"Good judgement is the result of experience.
Experience usually results from bad judgement."
Oh... no worries!

I tried Thumb-pressing the .45 ACP Cartridges in the Cylinder Bores of the New Service .455 Eley, and pressing pretty hard, I could not get them to go in any farther than where they drop in to, nor any farther than a still acceptable Head Space.

Seen here, is one round of .45 ACP, and, one of .455 Webley -

A side view, from the side, showing the same two rounds but with the Cylinder closed -

Looking into the empty Chambers -

The Revolver in question, itself -

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