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Originally Posted by Paladinpainter View Post
Oyeboteb, that Cowboy Action Shooting round your thinking of is the 45 Cowboy Special made by a cowboy by the name of Adirondack Jack. The dimensions are those of a .45Colt shortened to 45acp length. It has the case capacity of a 45acp and uses the same loading data. It was intended to solve ignition problems that happen when you put a little bit of powder in that huge 45Colt case; which it does superbly. I think Jack has Starline make the brass and it stands up well to reloading. How do its dimensions compare to the .455 cartridge ?
I have not found the technical dimensions yet for the .45 Cowboy Special Cartridge, other than it's length, but, I assume it would be the same as .45 Colt for diameter.

However, it does appear to pressume the use of a .452 Bullet, which is about .003 to small all else were a 'go', one could easily form-fire it and or widen the upper half of it a little bit on a Re-Loading Press with the right die, and, then load a proper .455 Bullet.

Anyway, here's some fun and interesting info on the .455 Cartridge(s) -

I used to have a link to technical images showing all the dimensions of the various .455 Webley and .476 Enfield Pistol Cartridges, but I do not know where it is now.


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