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I have an LCP as a BUG on some occasions.
EDC a 66 , 2 1/2 and a 640 BUG if traveling.
I have seen a lot of light weight guns being sold for two reasons.
1, Recoil since a lot of folks want to use the +P ammo.
2, Poor results in hits since many use +P and at too great a range.
If the scenario is thought out, we need to practice defensive shooting at zero to seven yards. I am not a LE officer but an old guy who has been around the block.
I practice right , left and even sitting on the ground and prone.
Be realistic and think of the worst position you could be in. On the ground in some way from a slip fall or blind sided. Murphy's Law applies.
What ever you shoot be sure it works 100% and practice live fire and with snap caps [in the house] Know the difference between cover and bullet proof. A fluffy chair may slow down a round but will it stop it?
Know the capability of your weapon / caliber.
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