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Default (SPF) Les Baer P II 1.5"

I am selling my very gently and lightly used ,1911 45 acp. from Les Baer, it is a Premier II with the 1.5" 50yard guarantee and the tactical dehorn. It is an Illinois factory built gun, and comes with the box and all build certificates and paper work. It will come with the Esmeralda's grips in the picture, a $129.00 Cocabolo Double Diamond set, if I can locate the stock set I will send them but right now I don't know what I did with them so consider it without them, and they are a very plain standard set that came fully checkered. This pistol has around 600 rounds on it I don't know the exact count but I assure you it's less than 800!! It shoots better than I can, If I can shoot groups at 25 yards like in the picture, I assure you it will shoot better than this, these old eyes just aint what they used to be!! Anyway I am asking $1850.00 and $35.00 insured shipping to your FFL from mine, I will do FTF with Ohio resident. The first I'll take it here with PM gets it.

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