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I bought the pistol "unfired" from a collector, the original purchaser of the gun, and I assure you it had not shot more than the factory target that was supplied with the gun at that time. This is not gunbroker or ebay, I sell to the public on both and my feedback is impeccable. I am offering it here to our members before raising the price to match what others are asking for this item and will move it there if no interest here. I called Baer before buying the gun to confirm the $295.00 1.5" option and the $70.00 Tactical option, even though they are specified on the box along with the Model and w/serial # of the pistol. It was built in the Illinois shop in January 2006, they moved the shop in may 2008. as for scratches, the picture above is the exact gun you are buying, I have displayed large pics that clearly represent the pistol in it's present condition, it's original finish as it came from Baer Custom. I will email the pic you requested just PM me an address.

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