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I traded into this one, a HD military from a friend that also was my captain years ago. It is a "blood gun". Frank was a deputy for I think the county around Ft. collins colorado. This probley was in the 1960s. Someone killed someone at a filling station with it. Frank said they were nearby when they got the call and arrested the shooter almost immediately but couldnt find the gun. Finaly frank got the idea to check the roof of the station and found it. He said after the trial he got the judge to give him the gun! Things sure were different then! After we traded frank regretted it and brought it up a lot at work kiddinly trying to get me to trade back. Then one day I spotted another in the gun shop that looked new. I told frank go buy that one and I will trade you this one back for it. He was too cheap to do it. Later I found a old carved set of ivorys for it. They are beautiful and I think unique. A mountain lion on one side and a flying goose on the other. By the way, the gun I traded him for it would be worth quite a bit now. It was a very old savage 1899 in .303. About in 2002 the gun was stolen from me along with many others. I got it back! A long personnal story I wont go into here, but it was taken off a parol violater. I also got back a shotgun that the guy sawed the barrel and stock off of. The others havent showed up.

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