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Default SOLD!!!! - Smith & Wesson Performance Center 627-3 Jerry Miculek 8 shot .357 V-Comp

Hello All,

I recently acquired this gun and I have decided that I will probably never live up to what the gun is capable of in the right hands.

I have never felt a factory double-action trigger so quick and light!

This is the model 627-3 which is PRE-LOCK and was a very limited production in the year 2000.

Most of the models You see nowadays are the Lock version 627-5 guns.

This gun has only had about 3 boxes through it and it shows. There are no deep scratches and very few minor marrs on it that are from handling and shooting gently.

It comes with all of the factory Aluminum locking hardcase, factory new paperwork, the muzzle protector in case the compensator is removed, and 8 of the 8-round Moon-clips and a special tool from Brownells to assist with removing brass from the clips.

This gun is supposedly the bee's-knees for ICORE.

I love it, but, I would be like a amateur handling an expert gun. It would just spoil me anyways...... I have gotten so used to my 4 inch model 28-2.

asking $1400

Please don't be afraid to make good offers. I am also currently interested in trading for an M1A/M14 semi-auto or an AR 10 .308 rifle. I also enjoy high quality COUGH! (COLT) 1911 or good ole S&W 1911 guns...

I am located in Texas, Near Dallas, and I can drive about 100 miles to meet a true buyer.

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