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A quick web search shows either 32 S&W or 38 S&W.
in either case you'll be looking for ammo for a while.
if and when you get a line on a supply of ammo for it, have the gun checked out by a good gunsmith prior to taking it for a trip to the range.

In the meantime .. guns get lonely. That old guardian of life and liberty deserves a good friend to keep it company in the safe.
in fact .. they seem to like crowds.
since your new to gun ownership, Im assuming your new to shooting as well. That being the case, its first safe mate might be a good 22LR pistol. either a S&W revolver or one of the many larger autos such as the Ruger Mk 2, Mk3 Browning Buckmark or their 1911 in 22 (there are many others) with which to get your feet wet.
there after something in 38 special or ever 357 should represent a reasonable start on your lemon squeezers party room (gun safe)
it just needs more voltage
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