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Originally Posted by The Bolt Man View Post

I have a 1" L.S Starrett Co. micrometer, with the vernier scale capable of reading accurately to .0001", that I use for my close work.

Please don't try to suggest reading to .0001" isn't possible as some doubters have. I worked in final inspection/precison measurement and calibration for five years. I know how to read a micrometer to .0001" and recalibrate it if needed.

Most calipers are not too good for close readings and the plastic ones I have seen are little better than a yard stick.
I didn't suggest that it wasn't possible, I was merely noting that the dimensions you're working with are very small. Clearly you have the tools and the skills, so good luck with your issue. Hope you resolve it to your satisfaction. I do believe that S&W is closed for their summer shut down.

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