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But of course you're right, it's in the DOI. Believe it or not I actually knew that but I had a mental lapse. The second amendment is in "The Bill Of Rights". Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, it is a "may issue" situation and it's potentially very frustrating.

Here's a local news story about a lawyer with a clean record (and a more compelling reason than myself to desire to carry) who was turned down by the chief. I wonder what chance I have, probably zero. It seems that if this lawyer wasn't deemed suitable who exactly would or could be?

Suit aims at policy on guns - Worcester Telegram & Gazette -

In another article I read that Chief Gemme automatically puts the "sporting and target" restriction on all first time appliers. This is just wrong: unelected bureaucrats choosing winners and losers.

Anyway, I appreciate your well wishes and reply. Thanks.
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