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Originally Posted by tekoy View Post
Jeff, I'm live in Western Mass. and had no problem in my city for an unrestricted class A LTC. Someone I know went to get an unrestricted class A LTC in a city where the police chief will not issue one unless you are a LEO. When he stated that he qualified for one according to Mass. law he was told if he wanted to carry, to join a gun club with 24 hour access, which is the same one I belong to. He was also told by the PD to just say, he was on his way there to go target shooting if any LEO questioned his carrying.
We shouldn't have to play these games to exercise rights granted to us as an American citizen.

The law abiding citizen is immediately put on the defensive to explain why his rights should be granted. My rights are as clear as the Bill of Rights. What's not clear is the reason the chief has for limiting my rights.
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