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Originally Posted by Jeff1000 View Post
...What I don't get is since when is the chief responsible for my actions? ...
He is not accountable for your actions; he is accountable for his.

So you shoot your neighbor. You are responsible for your action.

But he provided the permit. He is responsible for issuing the permit which provided you with the gun with which you shot the neighbor. So the question to him is "Did you thoroughly vet this individual before issuing the permit? Did you know of the previous bad blood between this individual and the now-dead neighbor? You should have known--all the other neighbors knew."

When I applied for my permit in 1977 (issued in 1978), not only did I get an FBI background check, so did my references (two were cops and were already cleared). Also they sent a cop around to interview my neighbors and see if I were a trouble maker. The process took 9 months. They performed a due diligence that your police chief probably does not have the budget for.

So maybe if you bury your chief with enough paper affadvits from your neighbors saying you are a stable and responsible individual, and a note from a psychologist saying the same, he would feel secure enough to issue a permit with no restrictions.

I guess I would write to him and ask what kind of documentation would make him feel secure enough to issue a no-restriction permit. I'll bet no one has ever asked him what would make him feel at ease enough to do so.

I might write:

Dear Chief,

I would like to apply for a no-restriction carry permit. I can provide notarized letters from my neighbors, my co-workers, my employer and my granddaughter saying that I am a stable and responsible individual.

I can provide a psychological evaluation stating that I am fit to carry a fire arm.

A FBI background check will find that I have no criminal record.

Would that documentation be sufficient to issue a no-restriction permit? If not, what additional information would you require?


Your Loving Neighbor...
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