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Packard, I think that an unelected bureaucrat (like a police chief) is just creating strawmen arguments to deny law abiding citizens their constitutional right to arm themselves, for whatever reason (which is not clear at all). My rights are clear, his objections are unclear, and yet I'm put on the defensive to provide evidence, beyond my lawfulness, that I have a right to my right. It's ridiculous, and the chief knows, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is the agenda.

The bigger picture is that liberal philosophies are opposed to the second amendment, and Massachusetts politics is liberal to the bone, and these politicians are the people that appoint the chief of police.

Every excuse, argument, road block, straw man argument is designed to deny the citizen's right to exercise the second amendment rights. It has nothing to do with safety, the chief's accountability, or any other excuse they can come up with. It's about a liberal philosophy that is lawless in not respecting the law of the land which is the constitution.

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