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Originally Posted by tekoy View Post
Jeff, I'm live in Western Mass. and had no problem in my city for an unrestricted class A LTC. Someone I know went to get an unrestricted class A LTC in a city where the police chief will not issue one unless you are a LEO. When he stated that he qualified for one according to Mass. law he was told if he wanted to carry, to join a gun club with 24 hour access, which is the same one I belong to. He was also told by the PD to just say, he was on his way there to go target shooting if any LEO questioned his carrying.
A practical solution. I understand you would rather have your license without restrictions, but this is a good place to start.

FYI, I think the practice of restricting first-time issues is not uncommon. It was used here in Indiana when I received my first permit decades ago. After that, the permit was renewed without restrictions. Probably an "old way" of doing things.

I would sure give what Tekoy suggests a try, rather than doing without. I also agree with others that your best approach by far is to forego any Constitutional/legal mumbo-jumbo and just deal with the facts. I thought this was good:

"Personal protection inside and outside the home, further training, sporting, collection, all lawful purposes."

I agree that Chiefs are essentially in a what's-in-it-for-me position. You have to deal with them with that in mind. Good luck!
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