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Originally Posted by M29since14 View Post
You are just a number - hopefully, a productive little worker bee. If you die, there will be another worker bee along soon enough to take your place, and another one to take his. The big people understand this because it is a principle that they believe applies to us - not to them. The little people (like you and me) would prefer to at least have a chance to keep buzzing around the hive a little bit longer.

"Rights" are a joke to them. They have been abusing rights with impunity for so long they are sure it will never end. When there are never any consequences for your wickedness and criminality, there are no worries!
You had to remind me huh? lol

When the utopian statists get their high speed rail built then we'll really be buzzing around like bees. Drones.

Best Regards.
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