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Originally Posted by LenS View Post
The M&P 45 FS and 45c are both on the current approved Roster. See here (pg 10)

I've owned the M&P 45 FS for a number of years now (bought it as soon as it hit the Roster) and it is a great gun once you get a trigger job (5#) done on it!

However, the Roster is IRRELEVANT to the buyer . . . if a FFL is willing to sell you something off the roster, just buy it and don't tell anyone where you got it. The Roster restricts what handguns a FFL can transfer to a MA resident, NOT what a MA resident can own/buy. [All penalties fall on Dealer not owner.]

MA chiefs are immune from liability for their actions or inactions and they behave accordingly! They are allowed by MGL full "discretion" to issue or not and restrict or not under "suitability" (both "" terms are spelled out in MGLs).

MA EOPS Official Position is that neither Heller or MacDonald apply to MA and therefore it is "business as usual". [I am not kidding, this is a true statement.] Therefore, the 2nd Amendment is null and void in MA until such time as a USSC actually rules against MA directly!

In a proper holster with a GUN BELT (no other type of belt), CCW'g a FS 45 shouldn't be a big deal. I carried a FS 1911 for a few years, Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 or Brommeland pancake holster. The Milt Sparks VMII is an awesome holster, I bought one for my M&P 45 since I carry another gun in the same type holster and love it. You will wait and it's not cheap but worth it.
Thanks Len, great information, I appreciate it.

I noticed that Pullman Arms in Worcester, MA had M&P45s listed but they were sold out. I guess lots of shooters are thinking like me (and you for that matter).

Your post was so thorough the only follow-up question I have is what's the difference between a "gun belt" and a regular leather belt. I looked at some pictures and they appear like regular belts, to me anyway.

Thanks again!
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