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Default Follow Up Report

I can compliment S&W for quick action.

In two weeks I had my PPK-S back after sending it in with a defective barrel. Chamber oversize causing large bulges of the fired casings and about 20% of those fired were split. I also complained about the trigger pull being very disturbing with creep and three catches before firing.

S&W did replace the barrel and the fired casings are now .006" smaller at the expansion ring, but still .004" larger than my cheapy SMG 380 auto. At least the chamber is within specifcation now.

S&W must have figured the trigger pull with all the hickups was within their standards and they didn't do anything with that. I guess S&W doesn't shoot there guns, otherwise they wouldn't like what they send out as OK.

Now I may need some help with disassembly of the pistol so I can do some polishing of the trigger and sear. I don't know if it will ever smooth up enough with use and I probably can't afford the ammunition it would take to do that.
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