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Default Extraction issues on a new 915

Hello Gents,

I have purchased 2 S&W 915's off of Gun Broker. One back in April, the other this past week.
Both were advertised as having refinished slides. I wanted to grab one of these 3rd gen greats before they disappear or completely get out of control in price.

The first one from April, had about 50 rounds thru it with both factory mags and Mec-Gar mag's. Ran flawlessly, but with some Point of Impact issues. Which turned out to be too much trigger finger. After the first 50 or so, she started to fail to extract every 3-4 rounds. Now its every round.

Ordered another for my Dad. Sad story here.
I had given my Dad a Model 36 Police Chief Special 4inch for Father's Day last year. Parents house was broken into 2 weeks ago and the pistol was stolen. I know he is more sad about it than I am since it was more sentimental than anything. So he needed a replacement pistol. He liked my 915 when I got it, so thought another surprise gift would be in order.

Fast forward to Friday. Picked up the pistol, and took her home to clean. Did a full detail strip. Lots of gunk, but everything cleaned up to almost perfect internals. The frame has seen better days, but everything is functional.

Took her to our local range on Saturday, and his is doing the exact same thing as mine. Every round, fails to get stripped out. The case's are getting crunched between the slide and barrel as it tries to exact the case. Then the next round gets jammed up on the feed ramp.

So now I really need to know where to start. I have never detail stripped a slide. I'm sure I could find some youtube vids or something as a guide. I have contacted the seller on Gun Broker, just in case he is unaware his refinished slides might be messed up.

What would S&W be able to do? Do these things have lifetime type warranty's that will get the slide back in working shape? Will there be a cost since the slides are parked vs blued/anodized like the frame?

Or would it be worth to have a good local shop just look into it and replace the extractor and extractor spring? Mine is not a priority. I have other firearms that are at the top of my home defense list. My Dad though has a Mossberg and that's it. This was going to be a pump in the night gun for him.

On another note as well: As I was detail stripping the frame, I also removed the mag disconnect safety from both pistol's. How does that play into a S&W repair, or could it be somehow responsible (this is just full disclosure. I do not believe that the disconnector has anything to do with an extraction.)?
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