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I'm having the same issue with my 1 month old 40c. It seemed to happen quite a lot at the range yesterday. I fired 150 rds of American Eagle 180gr through it. Once or twice, it even paused for 4 -5 seconds before travelling the last few cm into battery. It was really weird.

Next time I go to the range, I'm going to do some more thorough testing by marking the mags, trying different ammo, ensuring a good grip, etc. I have 6 10-rd mags that I use, but I only load them up with 5 rds at a time while I'm at the range.

Another oddity yesterday was that almost all of my spent brass was going a good 7-8 feet to my right. Previously, they usually only travel about 3 -4 feet. Following the guidelines in a previous post, I'm going to examine the brass closely this weekend, as well as the feed ramp/ejection port, looking for excessive marks or damage.

I'll update after my next range trip.
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