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Originally Posted by xzhync View Post
The thing I find curious is if it turns out to be the slide stop then, in my case, why does the slide dragging issue only occur with the 10 round mag and not the 15 round mag?

Do you have both mag sizes? Does it happen with both or just one mag size?

Yesterday I measured the distance between the mag feed lips and found the 15 round mag was over 1/64 wider. I opened up the the feed lips on the 10 round mag and polished the surface. That seemed to make a difference when hand cycling rounds through the gun. I haven't been to the range with this mod, but hope to this week.

I wonder if the spring on the slide lock can be adjusted (tightened)?

I would think that if it is the slide lock, by installing a new one, the problem would temporarily go away.

It is sad, but I think the folks on this thread will solve this problem far faster than Smith & Wesson. When I sent mine in for this problem they polished the feed ramp and replaced the extractor and spring. I am not a gunsmith and I can tell you that their fix is nowhere near the right solution. It really irritates me when they don't even make a reasonable attempt at fixing a problem.

Please let us know what happens with the new slide lock.
Maybe they didn't experience the same problem as you. How do you think they could fix something that isn't happening. I am a mechanic. I have plenty of customers come in with a complaint. I roAD TEST THE CAR AND IT DOESN'T EXHIBIT THE SYMPTOM, HOW DO I FIX IT? I don't doubt the customer.... but it happens. So maybe if you contact them again and really explain your concern in a respectful and sincere manner, you may get more help. Complaining over and over on a BB is not gonna fix it, nor does it give S&W a fair shake. I cannot imagine a technician experiencing a problem with your gun and ignoring it, that just does not make sense.
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