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Originally Posted by Mikey217 View Post
I would cut xzhync some slack. I can see both sides of the argument. S&W apparently only worked on his gun for approx 4 days. You'd think that if they couldn't find anything wrong they'd give him a call and ask for more information. Isn't that what you do as a mechanic? And on the other hand, yes it can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot something that is intermittent. But, I do think that if they had contacted him and asked for detail similar to what's posted in this thread, maybe they would have had better luck resolving the issue.

Just a thought...
When I sent my gun in I sent a very detailed letter explaining the issue. In the letter I told them that they absolutely needed to fire 4 or 5 mags to ensure that they experienced the problem. I wasn't there but I would be willing to bet the only rounds that were fired were fired after they polished the feed ramp and changed the extractor. I bet they only fired 4 or 5 rounds.

In the letter I provided my contact info in great deal and asked them to call me with any questions. They had my gun for almost 2 weeks, but it sat on the shelf for all, but part of a day. I know because I called several times.

I had several people at my local range fire the gun and each person said they felt it. If the technicians had fired it based on my request and fired it like people shoot at a range then I can't believe they didn't experience the issue.

I do believe this problem is tough to diagnose, but that doesn't mean they should make a silly attempt to fix it without calling me to discuss. As I said in a previous post it felt like they were just trying to get me to go away.

I admit I am venting. I am a bit frustrated. I would have expected a better effort out of them.
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