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Originally Posted by Coastie762 View Post
That's good to hear! How much did you tweak the slide stop spring?

My replacement slide stop and Apex parts should be here tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I probably won't get a chance to try it out immediately. If things work out, I may be able to get to the range Sunday.

Glad to hear the 9 mm set up works well for you. I have a 9C that has been dead nuts reliable, accurate and is my current CC weapon of choice.
I didn't adjust the spring much...just opened it up a bit to create a little more tension. Maybe 5 or 10 degrees. I can tell it made a difference. When pushing up on the slide stop (with the slide removed) it pops back in place with a little more authority now. It didn't seem all that bad before I adjusted the tension, but after the tweak I just can't imagine that the recoil could bounce it hard enough to move into the path of the returning slide.

I would also suggest working with your mags to reduce the spring tension a bit. Make sure the feed lips are wide enough to allow the round to be easily stripped off. Hand cycle a mag full rather slowly and watch the round feed into the chamber. To me it appears that the round needs to be able to move forward and a bit upward at the same time. The feed lips on the 10 round mag were about 1/32" narrower than on the 15 round mag. The narrower feed lips seemed to impede the ability of the round to move upward. I could be off base, but that was my observation. Once I shortened the mag spring to lower tension and opened the mag feed lips slightly (along with the adjustment to the slide stop spring) the problem went away. Now it cycles very smoothly. I mainly shot American eagle 165 gr fmj, but also shot some very hot Underwood 155 gr jhp's.

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