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The 5943 is absolutely terrible. My wonderful wife, in one of her weaker and less thoughtful moments, bought me one from a pawn shop. It has a dead front night sight and is a bit sloppy in frame to slide fit. In the past 2 years I have struggled (struggled I say!) with it through a one day Advanced Handgun class taught by Russell Tanji and 2 three day classes with Louis Awerbuck (Shotgun/Handgun and Carbine/Handgun). I had to fight with that consistent and smooth trigger pull, and the mind-numbing reliability was just plain awful. Absolutely horrid!

Do not buy one, any of you. Until I have purchased two more. Then have at it!

BTW, Safariland makes a ALS holster that works spectacularly well with the 5943, and it is $50 or less.
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